AvaDent™ Digital Dentures are the new standard of care in removable prosthetics. Whether you are a new denture patient, or have been wearing dentures for years, you will find that this product is on the cutting edge. AvaDent™ dentures are computed generated and are digital in the sense that they are created from an uploaded, or scanned, impression.

The way this unique product works is by using computer technology to reduce the amount of appointments and create a more efficient and more accurate denture experience. Traditional dentures take upwards of five appointments. With AvaDent's™ new digital denture we can reduce the amount of appointments to two. The first appointment consists of impressions of the patient's mouth, or arches. Along with impressions, we take measurements of your bite and other anatomical markers. This information is then sent to the AvaDent™ dental laboratory where technicians scan the models and upload this information into the computer system. Your record is now 'digitized' and permanent. The measurements are now given to AvaDent's™ computer and the digital denture is now created. You will receive your new denture at the next visit.

Along with a faster, more efficient process is a permanent digital record. If you should lose or damage your AvaDent™ digital denture, simply let us know and a new denture can be created from your computerized record. No new impressions needed!!

For more information about this innovative product, please feel free to call our office for a consultation or visit www.avadent.com.